Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our New House!

At the end of September, we moved into our brand new (huge) home. This is my first ever 'ownership' of a home, so I feel so very OLD now. Ha! Since I work for the builder that built this home, I got to pick every thing out (within a tight budget of course) and really personalize the home. That was a very fun experience and something I've wanted to do since starting my job 5 years ago.

We live in South Phoenix, right up near South Mountain. It is so nice to be minutes from downtown, the major freeways, the airport, everything!! After two years of living in Queen Creek (which is 90 minutes outside of Phoenix), I love being near the "city" again. I no longer have a commute to work which is wonderful. The house is 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, which sounds like a lot but we needed it!!! With Jeri & Gerald living with Kasey, Ryder, and I, we use every room in this house. We even had room for Kasey's pool table to stay! We couldn't ask for more.

Here are a few pics of the new house. I really have all the furniture I need and all the walls are painted & accent painted... so now I just need to accessorize and add some pictures on the wall. That is a goal of mine for 2009! Sheri & Adam (Kasey's sister) ended up buying the house next door a month after us. Now, Serenity & Ryder get to play together everyday and having family next door is crazy-fun. Hopefully now, we can stay here for a very long time because I am really sick of moving and packing!! If I have to break down one more cardboard box & stuff it in the overflowing recycle bin, I might just have a mental break down while I'm at it.

My pride & joy is Ryder's room! The walls are a baby blue and the ceiling is midnight blue with stars painted on. The wall above his crib says: "always reach for the stars". His bedding (which is not on his crib in these photos, sorry) is striped with all shades of blues. Very "boy".
Me & Ryder Showing off the Kitchen Backsplash. The cabinet to the upper right is supposed to hold decorative plates... one of the many things left to buy!
Kitchen Nook (yes that wall is orange! but trust me, in person looks good!)Great Room (pool table/couches & TV... we need an entertainment center bad!):The Loft/Computer Area:
The Master Bathroom:
Jeri & Ryder's Bathroom:
Serenity playing with Gerald and his friend Andrew in his room:
Our Backyard:

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Start of a Blog

Okay so I'm feeling a little pressure here. Not only do I regulary use myspace & facebook, but I have a few close friends that regularly use blogger to reach out to family & friends. I guess I've now jumped on this bandwagon. I hope this will help our distant family keep tabs on the Crazy Life we live down here in AZ. I hope to post regular updates and pictures of the most handsome little man of my life... Ryder James. Check back soon! Love ya'all.