Friday, May 14, 2010

End of Preschool, year one!

My little man! He had his last day of preschool today. He started at Miss Stephanie's school back in August 2009 if you will remember. Here is a look back at that day here. So much has changed! Besides the few inches he seems to have sprouted... He seems so much older and wiser now. Yes, I understand, he is only 9 months older, but its leaps and bounds different!
On his last day of school, Miss Stephanie helped the kiddos make these memory beach balls which proudly say "We had a BALL at Ms Stephanies!". This ball is Ryder's favorite toy du jour. He will be onto something else next week I'm sure. Miss Stephanie helped the kiddos fill in some favorite things over the past nine months. Here is what Ryder had to say! I find these answers very cute:
- My favorite part of preschool was.... picking flowers
- Something I learned.... helper jobs
- My friend was.... Zach
- My favorite job.... outside helper
The first few months at Miss Stephanies was a little difficult. Ryder had to learn a whole new way of sharing and interacting with classmates. His cousin Serenity started the year out with him. Those two kids are thick as theives and they had a little learning curve themselves to "let others into" their inner circle and make new friends. Ryder would get in trouble now and again for stealing toys from others' hands. I don't mean to make him out to be a bad guy because he really wasn't. What I'm trying to portray is the fact that he has really overcome all that! Not to mention his letters, numbers, drawing skills, singing, etc., that have grown!! My favorite thing is to hear Ryder break out into a little kids sing he learned at school.
I'm so thankful Miss Stephanie could teach him all these things. Being a full time working mom is hard stuff folks! I felt I couldn't give him enough "lessons" on these basic skills.
Ryder still has two more years before kindergarden. Because of his birthday, he will be the oldest kid in his class but I'm okay with that. He will certainly be ready to take his kindergarden class by storm!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post-It Tuesday

As I find inspiration from a VERY dear ol' friend, I am committing myself to blogging more and updating my little world on my favorite little man and my minor life.