Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camping with Friends

This weekend, Ryder & Kasey & I packed up the car and went camping up on the Mogollon Rim! It was only about 2.5 hour drie from our house and the weather was amazing. It was near 80 during the day but so cold at night. Coming from 110+ weather, I was actually chilly most of the fime. This was Ryder's second camping trip EVER and he was really good and had a great time. We went camping with my girlfriend Bethany and her boyfriend Steve. And then Bethany's friends Amber & Andy. It was the first time meeting them and they were awesome! (Thanks for the use of your fishing boat and putting up with my sometimes - moody son!). Night one, Bethany heard a bear roar in the middle of the night but we never spotted a bear, thank goodness! I ate more s'mores than I should have. On night two, Kasey sat on his serving of hot apple cobbler, burning his butt. We all laughed until we cried at that! I am now addicted to camping and plan to go a couple more times before the summer is over. I realized the shower you take when you get home is like a drug addiciton, its the best thing you've ever done in your life! HA HA