Monday, December 29, 2008

Ryder's FIRST Snow Experience!

Believe it or not, Ryder has never been in snow!! So this weekend my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, and the "boys" (Ryder & Jordan) took the 2.5 hour drive up to Flagstaff and got a hotel room. Here is the amazing part: We arrive in Flag and I get Ryder out of the car. Snow is piled EVERYWHERE and he immediatly says "Momma Snow, SNOW Mama". Now this kid has NEVER seen snow, how on earth did he know what it was?? The only thing I could think of was the cartoons on TV this time of year feature snow and Christmas-y stuff and he had to have learned it from cartoons!!

On Sunday we took the boys sledding and had a blast. Ryder LOVED it. He couldn't get enough of the snow. And when I wasn't fast enough to "reload" the sled, he would lay on his belly like a penguin and try to go down the hill on his belly. He would get frustrated at his mittens and take them off, then the snow was so cold it hurt his hands and he would cry! Poor kid couldn't figure the whole "mittens-are-good-for-you" thing out.

Jordan on the other hand did not like the snow at all. One trip down on the sled and he was done for the day. He begged NOT to go again.

Here are the boys all bundled up: