Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chandler Ostrich Festival

Kasey, Ryder, and I went the Chandler Ostrich Festival again this year. Its an (expensive) but fun day. They have rides and shows and animals and ostrich races. This year was a little more fun than last year because Ryder was big enough to enjoy some of the rides. Funny thing is, we didn't see one ostrich this year! We got so caught up in all the other stuff and then it was time to leave! Ooops.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My First Attempt at Digital Scrapbooking...

So, I'm WAY behind on my scrapbooking hobby. (Side Note: Can you still consider it your hobby if you do it only once or twice a year?!) Anyhoo... here is a link the the sets I just made for Ryder's birth... now you know how far behind I am. Ha! I ordered prints to be put in my scrapbook, I will let you know how this "fake" compares the the real thing! (PS I just viewed this link, and one of the pages shows up sideways. The stupid site I used to create it wouldn't let me turn it around. But when I get the print in 12x12 I can rotate it in my book, get it?)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angry Face

Ryder has a DVD game that interacts with toddlers and teaches them the basics like colors, letters, and emotions. His favorite part is where they teach you happy face, angry face, sad face, etc. He loves to do ANGRY face, imagine that from my very strong willed two year old!! His version of angry face is SOOOOOO funny though. These pictures don't even do it justice. He crinkles up his face and lifts his upper lip up. It looks more like he is ready to eat you than to show you his angry face. I need to get a video of it!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

GiGiPa's Birthday

Aunt Rhonda had us all over to her house for a small BBQ and Cake for Grandpa Nitschke's birthday. After Rhonda pulled the cake out, both Ryder and Jordan climbed up to the table and stuck their fingers in the icing. The cake was covered with little finger holes!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!