Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

We took Ryder (as a dragon) and Serenity (as a Tinkerbell) out around the neighborhood. The kids got so much candy, they couldn't carry their buckets by the end of the night! We would push Ryder in the stroller to a house and he would leap out and run to the door. He even said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" to everyone. Of course it sounded more like "Treeeorreet" and "Tinku". Then he would run back to the stroller, hop in and say, "More!! Dada, more."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Combo

Today we held a party in honor of Ryder's birthday and a housewarming party. We made sure to have a cake for Rhonda & Jandi too! (Jandi's birthday was 10/24 and she turned the big 1-8!) We rented a giant jumper for the kiddos but I think maybe they were still a tad too young for it. Except for Kasey's young cousin Deon! I am pretty sure he hung out in the jumper the entire couple hours he was over here. Late in the night Gerald and Kasey did climb in and attempt to box in it, so that was pretty entertaining. This picture to the left was us trying to sing happy birthday to Ryder, Rhonda, and Jandi but Ryder kept sticking his fingers into the icing (see his face?). It was a fun party and thank you to everyone who came by to make it special. We have the best family and friends!!

(Picture 1) Jordan, Matty, Ryder, and Serenity playing with Ryder's new toys. The kid was spoiled rotten and got lots of new, fun things.
(Picture 2) Ryder with his Great Grandma & Grandpa Nitschke (aka GigiMa & GigiPa).
(Picture 3) Happy 18th Birthday Jandi Jo!
(Picture 4) Mama and Dada try to make funny noises to get Ryder to smile... didn't work.