Friday, December 19, 2008

Zoo Addicts

Thanks to my friend Liz, we are now addicted to the zoo and proud Phoenix Zoo Members. Ryder and I tend to visit the zoo about once a week and we try to drag what friends and family we can along with us. But when no one wants to join us, we have just as much fun by ourselves. Ryder loves the freedom of running through the zoo (yes, running, why walk when you can run everywhere? must be nice to be a 2 year old). He also loves to climb up all the fences and exhibit barriers he can. The other day he actually freaked me out a bit when he climbed up the wire fence around the lions and got pretty high. I actually had to reach over my head, on my tippy toes to pull him down. He is really a monkey and belongs right at home at the zoo. Ha Ha! His favorite exhibits are the amazon fish tank (probably because he can reach his hands into the water) and petting the goats (which I find very GROSS). There are also lots of pigeons around the zoo, and he spents a good amount of time chasing them. Guess we didn't need to buy a membership, you can chase pigeons on any Phoenix street!
Here are a few pics from some recent trips: