Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

This is the night we all await in anticpation. We fall asleep wondering if we were good enough the past year to have Santa bring us presents. Or are we to expect coal? Well before Kasey and Ryder and I tuck ourselves in bed this chilly night (trust me 50 in Phoenix is chilly!) we head to the Buskohl house for some Christmas Eve festivities. My mom and dad had all of her family and all of Kasey's family over. It was a pleasant sort of chaos. Today is also my mom's birthday, so we get to celebrate that as well. The kiddos made out of course! Rest of us got quite a bit too. Kasey and I left with a Wii Fit which I promptly ran home and set up. It is so much fun!! I have no balance and the damn thing even told me so and asked if I tripped often! (Somewhere in Texas I think I hear Scotti chuckling at this. Thanks.)

Nana (aka Kasey's mom Jeri) got the three kiddos matching "pimp" jammies as we like to call them. Their little silk button up jammies were very festive and they all looked so cute wearing them. Kasey called Ryder "Baby Hef" all night in honor of Hugh Hefner. Too funny! Well we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you wake up to lots of goodies tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Mom! XOXOXO

Sheri & Kasey:

Baby Hef:

Dani, Michelle, and Dyan:

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