Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend in Utah!

This past weekend we took a very short family trip to Utah. Went to visit some friends and family. Here we are on the plane:

We flew in early Saturday morning and got to visit the Gunthers (Kasey's cousins). They have a brand new addition to their family, little baby Callie!! It was so nice to meet her finally.

Ryder had a blast playing with Will, Mick, and Boston at Chuck E Cheese.

Later that day we made our way to the Londons, our friends whom we crashed with for our stay. Their daughter Mycah wants to marry Ryder I'm pretty sure. She even asked if Ryder could sleep in her bed with her! Tooo funny.

Sunday we made the rounds with Kasey's grandparents. Had breakfast with Granny W (Kasey's maternal grandma) and Aunt Wendy. Then we picked up Kasey's littlest brother Austin and headed to Granny M's (Kasey's paternal grandma) & Aunt Terry. We took Granny and Austin to lunch where Ryder showed off his ranch-eating skills. The kid DRINKS ranch. Very gross and fun to watch. Here he is showing off his ranch'stach:

After lunch, we headed to Royce & Shann Munns to play Wii with the family and catch up with those cousins. After that exhausting day, we headed back to the Londons for a good night's rest. Although sharing a full sized bed with 6'4" Kasey and spaz Ryder doesn't exactly equal a good night's rest! LOL

Monday, Michelle London treated me to a spa treatment! Now that is what I call a vacation!! We then took the kiddos to play in the snow and go sledding. The kids hated the sledding and played on the jungle gym instead. The adults however, loved the sledding! Then we said a quick goodbye to the Gunthers and headed to the airport.

A whirlwind 3 days for sure!!

You can visit our friends' blog and see a slideshow of some pics she took while we were sledding:


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Ill have to check out the other blog until you get some pics :)

    Also, if I remember correctly when we became friends you dipped EVERYTHING in ranch!!! Granted I never caught you drinking it, but Ryder comes by the addiction honestly :)

  2. Checked out the pics and Ryder's lady is adorable!

    PS Kasey could get a job at the airport directing planes with those gloves!