Saturday, July 11, 2009

GNO (aka Girls Nite Out)

Most years, my girlfriends and I plan a Vegas weekend or something similar. This year we decided on a "Girls Nite Out" Stay-cation! We started the day with pedicures/manicures. Then had cocktails and lunch at a pool party at a swanky resort here in town. Followed that up with a big dinner and dancing until 2 am. Quick stop at Jack in the box... then we all crashed at Amber's pad. Thank you for the wonderful day/nite girlies!! It was a blast. AND Much cheaper than Vegas!

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  1. Looks like a good summer. Time only goes faster as your kids get older.

    I saw a weather report the other day that talked about a Gibbous moon and it reminded me of the first time i heard about that, from you, when you were in junior high

    All the thumbnail pictures of your friends go to the same picture file.

    roadglide 06