Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family-Only Camping!

With summer finally here and the 100 degree temps creeping up on us, it was time for our first family camping trip of the year. However it was a little like our own version of Clark Griswold's Family Vacation!!! In a nutshell:
  • Night before, we can't find our air mattress or pump.
  • Send Kasey to the store (mistake!) for a new one.
  • Kasey can't find it at Target (no idea why)
  • He heads to Walmart. Buys the wrong things, Ryder loses all the bait & tackle Kasey picked out.
  • Kasey shows up home at 10pm pissed but we all head off to bed excited (sort of) to camp in the morning.
  • Heading out of town Saturday morning we hit two major road closures and their respective detours. Now we know why people drink and drive (kidding of course).
  • Get to the campsite and sign says "FULL".
  • Before losing it, we decide to talk to the camp host, luckily he had just noticed one family packing up to leave.
  • SCORE! We get a site and start unpacking.
  • The lovely camp host then comes by and tells us he forgot to tell us that the high winds mean no campfire!
  • Try fishing. No luck there.
  • Kasey and Ryder go to a different fishing spot and break Ryder's brand new fishing pole.
  • Camp host then informs us we can do a charcaoal BBQ. $20 later (thank you overpriced gas station) we have hot coal.
  • Camp host then informs us we can do a FIRE!!!! ($20 wasted) But alas we have FIRE and SMORES!!! Life is good.

All in all, we had a great time. Just seemed like what could irritate us, did go wrong.

This was the first time it was only Kasey, Ryder, and myself. So we kept it nto a short one night excursion. We camped at Christopher Creek near Payson AZ. The site was very rural (thumbs down) but it was very clean (thumbs up) and had a creek that ran right through it (thumbs up!!). Ryder had such a fun time with the creek. It was perfect for his age. He could walk in it and throw rocks. He was having fun finding worms under rocks and shooting his water gun. Kasey & Ryder tried to fish but it was unsuccessful. Poor guys!

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  1. I swear camping is always so stressful for me! I usually need to start drinking as soon as we arrive...if not before!