Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Happy Whale"

So.... Ryder and I are at Target and we pass by a random blue whale toy and he tells me he wants it. I say "no" of course. He proceeds to tell me that he "really wants it, it would make him happy!". I almost fell over. This is the first time he has tried the guilt trip thing or even tried the whole 'it will make me happy' trick. He was so damn cute, I gave in and got him the stupid $3 whale. We've now nicknamed it "Happy Whale." But the whole "it will make me happy" didn't end there... he now uses this phrase to get anything he wants. (I don't give in as easily now.)
For example, he was playing with a puzzle that is hard (even for me). He tells me "take it back to the store... I want a choo-choo train puzzle, it would make me happy".

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