Monday, July 27, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Kasey & I took a "couples" weekend to Vegas with Phil & Stephanie (Kasey's cousins from Utah). It was a short but AWESOME little getaway. We arrived in Vegas Thursday evening (only after me taking a wrong turn and adding an extra hour to our drive...ooops). THEN, the hotel lost our reservation and therefore upgraded us to their "penthouse" suite. It was the nicest, best room I've ever stayed in, in my life! I felt like a rich and famous person. It was a two-story suite. After a buffet dinner I decided I wanted to play BINGO of all things. And guess what?! I won two of the 12 games in a room of 100 people... walked away about $300 dollars richer! I love Bingo! The next day we had to check out of our beautiful suite and drive to Primm, Utah. Our hotel here was NOT nice. It was pretty nasty actually. The only reason we were going to Primm was to see Sugarland! But guess what? The day before we got there, Sugarland canceled their concert. So the four of us were stuck in this nasty little town, wishing we were in Vegas. Nonetheless, we stayed up all night gambling. I actually did really good at Blackjack but not so good at Roulette. Damn marble!
Saturday morning and it was time to pack up and head back to Vegas as the Gunthers had a plane to catch. Unfortunatly we got stuck on the freeway for a fatal accident. Fearing we wouldn't make it to the airport in time, we actually flipped a bitch on the freeway and drove down the shoulder and up the on-ramp going the wrong direction. Poor Stephanie freaked out about this a bit. Alas, we got them to the airport in time and Kasey and I headed for Phoenix.

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